What is Minit Stop Rewards?

It is a customer appreciation program that you can earn redeemable points, get instant savings, access to Shaka Specials, chances to win prizes and be eligible for contests and giveaways!

Is the Minit Stop Rewards card free?

YES. It is totally free! Not only that, but you are rewarded every time you make a qualifying purchase** at any of our convenient locations.

How do I Join?

To join Minit Stop Rewards simply download the Minit Stop App on your iOS or Android smart phone by searching for Minit Stop Stores in your App store or GooglePlay store. Once you download the app, tap “Sign Up” on the home screen and complete our lite registration that takes less than a minit! 

Don’t have a smart phone? No worries. Just go to any Minit Stop location and pick up a FREE card. Be sure to register your card online at to become eligible for instant price rollbacks on fuel, special discounts, and contest enrollments.

Don’t have a smartphone. do I register my card?

To register your Minit Stop Rewards card please use one of the options below:

o   Register online

o   Call 888-339-7064

When do I start earning points?

You start earning points as soon as you complete your lite registration on the Minit Stop App or when you pick up your Minit Stop Rewards card and make a qualifying purchase.** 

How can I track my points?

Your point balance appears at the top of your Minit Stop App when you are logged in to your account. It also appears on your receipt any time you make a purchase at Minit Stop and you input your rewards at checkout. You can also view your point accumulation by clicking here and logging in or entering your card number. Points are updated daily.

How do I redeem points?

To redeem your points, simply open your app and scan the barcode (tap the barcode icon directly underneath your point total display) or enter your phone number that is registered to your account by selecting “Alternate ID” on the customer pin pad at the register when checking out. Be sure that your card is registered if you are not using the mobile app or you will not be able to redeem your points. 

When checking out, inform the Minit Stop cashier that you would like to redeem and use points for your purchase. You can scan your loyalty barcode in the app or swipe your card for instant redemption (card must be presented for points redemption). Your rewards are that easy!

What benefits & prizes am I eligible for?

  • Receive $0.05 instant price rollback on fuel* every time you insert your registered card at the pump or present it to the cashier.
  • Earn additional bonus points on fuel when paying in cash.
  • Earn one point for every dollar spent on qualifying products within any of our stores.**
  • Become eligible to participate in giveaways, contests and earn great prizes.
  • Automatic enrollment in our Coffee Club and Deli Sandwich Club programs.
  • Spend your points just like cash on any qualifying Minit Stop purchase.**

Learn more about contest and prizes.

For information on current promotions or contests please visit any Minit Stop location or log on to

*HFN transactions do not qualify for price rollbacks. Join Minit Stop Rewards to take advantage of in-store savings and promotions.

**Some restrictions apply and terms are subject to change without notice. Products that are not eligible to receive points are tobacco, liquor, and phone card products. However, you can redeem points for all products sold by Minit Stop, including fuel.


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